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Columbus may not boast the music scene of Atlanta and Athens, but that hasn’t stopped American Roommates from calling the West Georgia town home base for their well-crafted indie rock. With just an EP to its name, the band hasn’t ventured much outside of Georgia, but with distinctive vocals and Modest Mouse-inspired tunes, there’s no reason these five actual roommates shouldn’t be making more noise across America.


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I’ve had the privilege to work with AR off and on over the past few years. I’ve been able to watch them develop and grow into something genuinely special, and they excel at connecting with people.

With their first EP, they were a 3 piece,

then a 4 piece,

and now 5,

with members changing instruments, and having the original bass player return.

This growth has allowed the band to expand their musical palette and create lush, interesting soundscapes.

During one of the takes, I vividly remember turning to Luke Adamson, my intern at the time, with a big, stupid smile on my face and mumbling something like, “if this doesn’t do something good for the band, I don’t know what will.”


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American Roommates are a five-piece, energetic, indie, rock band who continue to grow with every show. It might be because they are literally roommates (with the exception of their newest member) who practice, write, and play together most everyday. Will (lead singer) is likened to Modest Mouse’s lead singer. The band as a whole have been compared to Arcade Fire and Cold War Kids, with driving beats and energetic shows that possess an interesting dynamic. Their spiritual influence (several of the members play at churches) resonates with your spirit and has caught on with local hipsters. They are mixing their latest album now, and plan on moving to Nashville, so catch them here while you can.